Google charts is a buggy mess. Right now I'm dealing with the same exact JS code both working on desktop and not working on mobile. 馃槓

Goodbye to the Opportunity Rover. May you rest in peace.

I think a big difficulty in building peer-to-peer search engines like YaCy is the lack of fraud resistant link graph to rank webpages. There is no way to know whether one page really links to another without crawling and parsing it yourself, and that's too slow for real time applications.

Technologically you could store the graph in a distributed hash table but that doesn't really solve the fraud problem since anyone could modify the data.

AdNauseam is a browser extension that both hides and clicks on all ads for you. I think it's mainly designed to confuse advertising systems.

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Just found out about Zotero, which is a tool for organizing bookmarks to articles and papers. It also has a browser extension to save articles and integrates with LibreOffice for bibliographies.

I really wish that KDE would just use the ~/Templates folder like every other desktop.

Seems like my Firefox might have some kinda of memory leak. It was using over 2 GB of RAM with only two pages open (Reddit and readthedocs). Then I restarted it and opened the same pages, now it's using 150 MB.

It would be cool if the Tor browser included a built in toggle for enabling a relay on your machine.

I always love the National Aquarium of New Zealand's picks for their Penguin Wall of Fame.

Looks like FireFox now recommends extensions based on what website your using.

Flocking from Android to iOS for "privacy" reasons is like moving from Linux to Windows in the mid 2000s.

Just spend 3 hours trying to figure out why systemd was killing my screen/tmux processes on logout. For anyone with the same issue:
1. In /etc/systemd/logind.conf set KillUserProcesses=no and KillExcludeUsers=root YOUR_USERNAME
2. Run sudo loginctl enable-linger YOUR_USERNAME

Was what fixed it for me in KDE Neon (Ubuntu 18.04).

This graphic does a really good job of making global warming a more concrete concept.

I think the reason that Chromium has really taken over is that they provided a super modular system using a popular programming language (C++) that allowed smaller companies to innovate on browser UI/UX without having to spend millions reinventing the rendering engine.

Meanwhile Firefox uses an obscure language (Rust) making it less attractive for startups to build on top of.

Facebook gets lot of hate for causing "filter bubbles" but the reality is that even if everyone got their news via rss feeds people would still isolate themselves from sources they disagree with.

I'm a little disappointed that Firefox can't change the default zoom level of webpages.

Kyle Piira boosted : "Thought: It's time for @mozilla to get down from their philosophical ivory tower. The web is dominated by Chromium, if they really *cared* about the web they would be contributing instead of building a parallel universe that's used by less than 5%?"

The actual argument behind this is an interesting one. I think he's pushing an essentially utilitarian approach: this is where you can do the most good.

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