Really Signal? You mark non Google Play downloads of your apps as "Dangerous" and for "Advanced users with special needs". You've gotta be kidding me.

@kyle They’re not wrong. Enabling third party sources is a security risk, and people who don’t know what they’re doing should not do it.

Having a hacker (who doesn’t have to follow any laws) have access to all your data is infinitely worse than having Google get your data.

@kyle Also, there are ~0 people outside of China using Android phones without the Google Play Store. Not downloading signal from there affords no privacy benefit.

Even “”advanced users”” should get it from the play store if they have it installed.

Okay sure, I'll admit enabling third party installs is a security risk, it makes your Android phone about as insecure as your typical macOS, Windows, or Linux install. IDK, maybe those operating systems are only for "advanced users" and everyone else should just use locked down appliance-like devices.

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