Alright well I have given up trying to use Firefox on Android for PWA. It's just unusable. Out of the 3 PWAs I tried only one works correctly. I tried loading Google Maps but it just hangs and then crashes after a few seconds.

I'm going to keep using Firefox for mobile browsing but I'm reinstalling Chrome for PWAs.

So I upgraded to LineageOS 16 on my OnePlus 3. So far I am rather unimpressed. It's not LineageOS's fault but more stock Android. They replaced the old app switcher with this weird iPhone knock off UI. Also, there are now these useless system notifications which cannot be dismissed or disabled without root.

Apparently some company I've never heard of ("") had my email and other details and left them in a publicly available internet facing MongoDB instance.

Now almost a billion people have had their info leaked out onto the internet.

Great job guys.

Visual bug in the Plasma screen brightness indicator.

I swear that every time I upgrade to a new version of Kibana they've added 5 new things to the sidebar.

I always love the National Aquarium of New Zealand's picks for their Penguin Wall of Fame.

Looks like FireFox now recommends extensions based on what website your using.

This graphic does a really good job of making global warming a more concrete concept.

It's quiet hosting your own node. Let's see if adding some relays can liven up the federated timeline a bit.

First issue I'm having with @Mastodon is that post histories don't seem to sync between instances even though I'm following people on those instances?

Kyle's Microblog is one server in the network