Atwood's law: Any software that can be written in JavaScript will eventually be written in JavaScript.

There is no word in the English language that will cause me to loose interest in a project faster than "blockchain".

Sounds like MongoDB's Server Side Public License has been a complete failure. Both Redhat and Debian have removed them for their repos. AWS and Azure both built their own MongoDB API compatible databases and have started migrating customers over.

If I owned MongoDB stock I'd be selling.

I wish GitHub would have some kind of built in bounty system for issues where users could crowd source funds to have their favorite features implemented.

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Personally, in my setup I just deleted the default "Sync" folder and set it up to sync my Documents, Videos, Pictures, and Music folders from my home dir. That way all my Linux machines have almost identical home directories.

It also syncs to my Android phone so I can access my Markdown notes on the go and whenever I take a photo it instantly syncs to the Pictures directory of all my machines.

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Typically everything in a Syncthing directory will be synced but you can add exceptions via .stignore. It doesn't really work like FTP since there is no "server" just a peer-to-peer network of your machines where each node had a copy of every file in the folder.

You can have different folders sync to different machines though.

I've been trying to find a Calendar app that will work with Syncthing on my phone but it seems that very few apps these days support saving to the local disk.

Kinda scary that something as simple as saving files locally is becoming technically difficult to do.

@kara That's understandable. Admittedly I was trying to write a simple ActivityPub publish only app about a week ago and the protocol does feel very over engineered.

@pandora_parrot I haden't but looking at it now it does seem promising. I think their editor could use some work but I like the fact that you can comment on Mastodon and have it displayed on

@kara May I ask why not? Is there something else you prefer? Is there something that you dislike about the ActivityPub protocol specifically?

Would be really great to see an ActivityPub alternative to Medium.

One thing I do really appreciate about Google Play is that they allow you to download all of your purchased e-books and audiobooks as epub and mp3 files with no DRM.

AFAIK Amazon does not allow anything similar with Kindle and Audible.

DuckDuckGo switches away from OpenStreetMap to Apple Maps as their maps provider.

Real shame.

On one hand Apple say's that they're trying to make their software more privacy respecting than other companies but on the other no company has done more to help the proliferation of closed-source software and they don't even allow GPL licensed apps to run on iOS devices.

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Just found out about G-Droid which is an alternative interface for the F-Droid app store. Personally I think it looks a lot cleaner and has better discovery features.

@AnonymousRider If you know their Mastodon addresses (user@domain.tdl) you can just type that into the search box. You can also visit their profile in your browser and hit the "follow" button.

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