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Looks like my new homepage got a perfect score on Google's PageSpeed test for both mobile and desktop.

I'll probably keep tweaking it, but I'm pretty happy with it so far. My primary goal was to make it as lean as possible. Right now it's just using Water.css and some custom Navbar CSS with no JavaScript.

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The thing is, I'm skeptical that either antitrust or regulation will improve things. Namely:

- antitrust: okay, you break up Google. Now its products work less well together, and it no longer benefits from economies of scale. Meanwhile China goes in the opposite direction w/ products that "just work." Did we just hand the market to WeChat?
- regulation: okay, now you've crowned Facebook the winner and deputized them into an arm of the state. Whatever the state wants to censor, FB censors. Oof.

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Disney's new streaming service is only going to be $6.99 / month. I wasn't planning on getting it but for that price I just might.

For anyone using Aurora store from F-Droid make sure you change to the new v3 package which is a separate listing from the previous v2 one.

Interesting video about how surprisingly common Rogue waves actually are.

Really Signal? You mark non Google Play downloads of your apps as "Dangerous" and for "Advanced users with special needs". You've gotta be kidding me.

It's interesting that most of todays browsers have heritage going back to KHTML (by KDE). Chromium, WebKit, Safari, Edge, Brave, Opera, etc. all have some link to it. The only browser I can think of that doesn't currently have KHTML code in it is Firefox.

Water.css is a neat little stylesheet that you can include on your static HTML documents to make them look a bit more modern. It doesn't have any classes, just the tags.

I think Google's longest running chat app has probably been the chatroom functionality of Google Docs.

It would cool to see Samsung put serious effort into building an Android app store of their own to compete with Google Play and Amazon's App Store.

Interesting video about the original UNIX philosophy of combining small programs together to complete more complex tasks.

Personally I wouldn't touch the Lyft or Uber IPOs with a ten-foot pole. They're both companies that haven't made any significant profits and are largely reliant on new investor money coming into the business just to stay afloat.

If they do eventually turn around and become profitable then maybe I'd reconsider but I see no reason to rush into a decision by buying at the IPO price. If something is a good investment today it'll still be a good investment in 5 years.

StackOverflow has started their April fools joke for this year. They made the site look like something from the early 2000s with gifs and such.

Its interesting that Tor nodes are operating at a loss while VPN companies are raking in the cash.

For all practical purposes the Tor network is basically just a decentralized VPN service. Perhaps Tor could offer a paid fast lane (or introduce some way to automatically donate to nodes as you use them) to incentivize nodes to join.

I also think Tor could gain quite a few more users by marketing to folks who are just trying to access websites blocked on their work/school WiFi.

I think buying a personal domain name is a worthwhile investment for anyone. There is just so much you can do with them for only $10/year.

You can:
- Create a portable email address that can easily switch between email providers
- Host a web page that you fully control
- Put web services like Mastodon, Nextcloud, Jabber, etc on it
- Much more

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KaiOS is super interesting, not just because it's making feature phones interesting in 2019, but also because it might break up the Android/iOS duopoly that has existed for a decade.


Well looks like the European copyright reform passed. It seems to me that this is only going to limit the EU's ability to compete with the rest of the world (specifically the United States and China) in the information technology sector.

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